MA Engineers delivers innovative, sustainable, energy-saving design solutions

For over 20 years, the staff at MA Engineers has provided complete HVAC and plumbing engineering solutions for facilities of every kind throughout the southwest and San Diego areas. Our focus has always been to deliver innovative, sustainable, energy-saving design solutions—the type of systems that stand up to the daily rigors of use. Ultimately, our systems are designed to last, to run efficiently and to save ownership money.

The confidence in our designs stems from our vast experience and multitude of accolades, including commendations and energy-savings earnings for efficient design. Each member of the MA Engineers team is an expert in their respective discipline, the core of which has worked together on hundreds of projects.

The origins of MA Engineers can be traced back to the former GEM Engineering firm formed in 1987, and lays claim to a rich heritage of projects in every sector: Military, Education, Healthcare, Government, Corporate / Office, etc.

Today, MA Engineers is involved in cutting-edge mechanical system designs for hallmark university and laboratory projects, elegant new corporate headquarters, community centers, libraries, stadiums, high-rise buildings and more. We are dedicated to making every project a success — whatever the cost and scope. This difference is the drive for MA Engineers.

The MA Engineers difference

The goal of each project is to build the right mechanical system for you. What are the end users’ needs? What is the budget? How will the building really be used? Where can we innovate? How can we save you money and eliminate challenges? With our clients needs in mind, our experienced staff sets out to build a system that doesn’t just sound good in theory, but actually functions the way it is supposed to.

MA Engineers accomplishes this through unparalleled customer service—from pre-design meetings to post-design and post-construction follow-through and commissioning. This commitment to service and satisfaction is exemplified by our repeat clientele projects throughout many markets, including municipalities and university and medical campuses.



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