At MA engineers we believe sustainable design should be about solutions, not sacrifices. With 11 LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, which includes every single engineer and the majority of our support staff, sustainability is a priority on every job.

Take a long, hot shower; but use a low-flow showerhead and solar panels to heat the water. Enjoy air conditioning on a hot day, but open the windows on a nice day. You don't need to use an outhouse to show your dedication. Instead, use low-flow fixtures and recycled water for toilet flushing.

Most importantly; build the most sustainable building possible without breaking the bank. In a mild, sunny climate like San Diego, the task is easier than you'd think.

Passive design strategies are as old as Architecture itself. On any project, large to small, we are dedicated to helping the team utilize those strategies in a cost effective way. This is part of our basic service for every job.

Strategies and sustainable services employed at MA Engineers include:

Passive Design Strategies

Sustainable Systems Design

Computer Simulation We use REVIT integrated thermal modeling software to determine the energy savings, payback, and lifecycle cost of potential project enhancements. Read more about our energy modeling services.

Review a listing of LEED Certified projects and projects currently going through the certification process. For more information on LEED visit